Keto diet in few words

You've probably heard about the keto diet is the newest hype or the papers are writing about it interest online is just exploding so what is the key to a diet what does Tito even million now and how is it done in this course you will learn. All. You need to know. First of all let's get this out of the way. What does the word key though basically. The body can run on. Two different fuels one is sugar from carbohydrates in the food we eat. And. That's what most people today primarily use let's say if there anything bread pasta rice potatoes etcetera. The other few. Is fast. Keto diet is a very low carb diet so low in carbs but the body has to switch to mainly using fat for fuel for example from real foods like eggs made of a car does butter. Olive oil. Not since that. Even the brain. Can become fueled by fat. When the body. Is. Out of sugar. Fat is converted. In the liver. Into energy molecules called ketones that few of the bread and the diet that through assaults and this is called a ketogenic meaning it produces ketones and that's why the diet is called the key third thought being fueled mostly by fast state called ketosis has many benefits including that you become a fat burning machine. Perfect for weight loss without hunger burning fat twenty four seven even when you're sleeping it also gives you tons of energy you're basically never run out whether keto diet has become super popular in the last few years it's actually not entirely new the foundation of cute though is something old that's your heart about a million times it's. Three low carb diet it's a gluten free diet it's similar to the paleo diet and it's very close to the. Old and well known. Askins diet the basic idea is super simple and based on real foods. Here is simply avoid most carbohydrates like sugar processed junk food bread pasta rice it's a threat and instead. Eat fish eggs vegetables and natural fats like butter what is different with keto is that it serves super charged low carb diet we can make sure you get the maximum benefits we get to the details later so Kita out is a super charged version of an old idea similar diets have been tried for decades even centuries the similar diets keep returning more popular than ever because the work this could have an evolutionary explanation as our ancestors did not the refined carbohydrates are sugar like we do today so I bought is may not. Be adopted. To those foods modern science proves that it works when a keto diet most people can lose excess weight without tiger and a number of health issues tend to improve most importantly keto diet is not just used as a temporary fix many people enjoy it as a long term lifestyle not just for weight loss but for long term health and well being and staying fit their route many people feel and it's just full of mental clarity and have stable blood sugar levels. Most of the hunger. Disappears cravings for sweet foods are reduced so there's no need to cycle the time anymore people save time by being happy with your meals they eat delicious food whenever they're hungry and that's not even and I need to count calories most people feel so satiated on to tow it that they can eat when they're hungry and still is less. I lose. Excess weight they don't even have to exercise now course some exercise is good. For you for help them feeling your best but it's not required for weight loss and certainly not on Q. talked in this course you will learn exactly how to DO keto what to eat what not to eat I went to it you will learn the common problems that people experience was starting to though the key to flu and how to avoid it you will learn how to know if you're into ptosis and the simple tricks to get there you learn about weight loss on Tito what to expect how to speed it up and how to break a weight loss plateau should have happened we learned about the common mistakes that people make and how you can avoid them to feel great and succeed faster you also hear from a number of top doctors and researchers specializing in keto and low carb diets to truly understand it and to make sure were you during the safely and effectively as possible. This video course will teach you everything you need to know. And. You can combine it with all the other keto content we have on our website diet Dr dot com. Really the only place you need. For everything connected to keep though we are committed to making it's truly simple you can check out hundreds of amazing key to recipes including video recipes. And. If you're interested a foreign keto cooking show. Nope planning required just by the food on the shopping list cook it according to the simple instructions and enjoy eating it your dumb. Hound. Even if you have special preferences likes a dairy free or vegetarian keto we still have you covered. Hon. You can also simply construct your own custom made plans. You can get all this for free. You can use our free to weed killer challenge to get started like you have more than three hundred thousand people already out. For. For the full diet doctor experience sign up for a free one month trial cancel anytime you get full access to everything we have all our resources the full meal plan there are local TV with hundreds of amazing Kita videos including this entire Kita video course. I thought it doctor our goal. Is to empower people everywhere to succeed on keto and low carb. Like these amazing people whatever you're doing continue to do what you do at some point he said don't lose anymore. Two hundred pounds in roughly eighteen months I lost eighty pounds eighty phones while I lost a hundred pounds in the year hunger and that I had for my entire life was it her energy level and much like mine our mental wellbeing has improved as as much as our physical health I went from three hundred and seventy four pounds to one hundred and thirty nine pounds I would have never believed that within my lifespan. I would have my life back like this. We want to make. Key to truly simple for you and help you succeed in reaching your goals if you're interested in more I see you in part two which is about a core idea behind the keto diet how to become. A fat. Burning machine. Good luck and I will see you soon.